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Raissa's Journal
Star Trek: Thoughts On Who Mourns Adonais 
10th-Sep-2016 01:45 pm
I've been watching BBC America's 50th Anniversary Star Trek Marathon as time permits, and I had a few thoughts about "Who Mourns Adonais."

As a lit and mythology geek, it's always been one of my favorite episodes. It dawned on me that the story didn't have to play out that way. All Kirk had to do was relocate Apollo to another primitive society, not ready for Federation membership, that welcomed Apollo. In return, Apollo would inform Star Fleet when that society had outgrown him and were ready for Federation first contact. Star Fleet would send a ship and relocate him again in a mutually beneficial cycle.

I was extremely happy to watch Star Trek Continues: The Pilgrim of Eternity, which offered a slightly different, but equally awesome follow-up.
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